Invited Proposal Submission

The Trustees Are Interested! How Do You Submit an Invited Proposal?

When a Trustee or committee decides to invite a proposal, the Foundation staff will contact you.

For Initiative grants and organizations that have not received a General grant in the past two years, the Foundation will send you an email with instructions explaining how to log into the online system, update your organization’s information, and complete a proposal.

For organizations that have received a General grant in the past two years, the Foundation will send an email in August if the sponsoring Trustee chooses to invite a proposal. Please check your spam filter to ensure that the email does not inadvertently end up there. The email will include instructions for logging into the online system, updating your organization’s information, and completing a proposal.

Proposal Deadlines
For the November 2018 meeting, we are using staggered proposal due dates for our General Grants to avoid overburdening our system and to prevent system crashes. Please contact the office if you require more time than the stated deadline in your proposal invitation.

Special Initiative proposals are due on the deadline date provided in the invitation.

You Submitted Your Proposal. What’s Next?

You will receive an automatic acknowledgement when your proposal is submitted. A Trustee or committee of Trustees will then review your proposal. We will contact organizations that are new to us or that are applying for Initiative grants to arrange for a conference call or site visit. We may also contact previous grant recipients for follow-up information.

An individual Trustee or committee of Trustees may recommend funding a proposal, but no decision is final until after the Foundation considers that recommendation at its meeting in June or November. The staff will notify you of the Foundation’s decision within a week’s time. The Foundation will pay the grant within 90 days of the meeting.


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