Letter from the Executive Committee Chair

December 21, 2012 · by Foundation Staff · Letter from the Chair

December 2012

Thank you.

You’re likely reading this letter because you’re involved with a nonprofit or school. On behalf of our Trustees and staff, I wanted to first express our sincere gratitude for your dedication to your mission. Our family has had the profound honor of reviewing  and funding excellent projects that continue to inspire us years afterward.

Each year we’re blown away by the passion and skills of the nonprofit staff members and volunteers we meet. Some are fresh talents with innovative approaches and infectious energy. Others are seasoned veterans, practiced at solving complex community issues. We love sharing your stories and results with the rest of our family members who serve as Trustees. And, we feel fortunate that the family can often express our appreciation through a grant. Just a few highlights of our grantees’ stories include:

  • Thousands of children gaining higher quality educational experiences in school, after school, and in summer camps
  • Hundreds of teens and young adults learning new skills to reduce their violent and antisocial behaviors and increase their educational attainment and employability
  • Seven organizations taking deep dives into tough environmental challenges, often finding new ways to positively engage businesses and industries in solutions
  • Thousands of families who can’t make ends meet finding shelter, food, and caring support in areas ranging from small-town New England to inner-city Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

We awarded a little more than $3 million in our 2012/13 fiscal year, an increase from the previous two years as our investments grew slowly through the uneven economic recovery.  You can download our full list of grantees here and you can follow our blog and LinkedIn page for future stories about our grantees.

Other highlights from 2012 include:

  • Welcoming two family members – Sophie Hunt Hollingsworth and Elizabeth Hunt – as new Trustees and members of our Next Generation Fund
  • A day-long window into Cleveland’s comeback story, thanks to an excellent tour hosted by Neighborhood Progress, Inc. and a dozen other nonprofits and entrepreneurs
  • Investments in new technology to increase the efficiency of our operations and further lower the cost of doing business with the Foundation
  • Work on a new proxy voting policy to protect our investments and align them with our family’s values

Looking ahead to 2013, our Environment and Youth Violence Prevention committees are taking a fresh look at their grantmaking priorities. We’ll be in touch with some grantees and funding colleagues as we consider our changes, and we’ll welcome your feedback when we make them public in a few months. Outside of our initiatives, the majority of our grants will provide continued operating support or program support to previous grantees. We continue to believe this ongoing support is vital through uncertain economic times. We do welcome your grant inquiries, but know that we’ll invite very few for full proposals.

As always, feel free to contact our office at info@rahuntfdn.org or 412.281.8734 if you have questions.

With warm regards,

Dr. Terry Hunt
FY13 Executive Committee Chair

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