July 2016 Letter from the Executive Committee Chair

July 12, 2016 · by Foundation Staff · Letter from the Chair

Letter from the Executive Committee Chair

July 2016

As my second term as Chair of the Executive Committee has come to a close, and I prepare to turn over the gavel to my very capable successor, Helen Hunt Bouscaren, I would like to reflect on our activities over the past fiscal year (June 2015 to May 2016). It has been an important year because of the fine work of our grantees, and also because the Roy A. Hunt Foundation has reached the 50-year milestone – fifty years of carrying out our founders’ intent. Fifty years of making a difference for people in communities across this country and around the world. Fifty years of grantmaking, awarding $99,912,417 to over 1,500 organizations. And, fifty years of working together as an extended family. We excitedly look forward to the next fifty.

My fellow Trustees and I are honored by the work of our non-profit partners and we pledge to continue to explore partnerships that will make differences in the lives of individuals, build stronger communities, and create a healthier planet. The Trustees of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation approved 382 grants to an array of organizations totaling $3,268,980 during 2015. We are extremely proud that these grants represent the collective decision-making of three generations located in nationally diverse, geographic locations. The majority of our awards remain for general grants invited by the Trustees and/or of historical importance to the family. The grant guidelines for all initiatives and general grants can be found on our website.

Since inception, the Foundation has invested over $4,400,000 in Special Initiative grants to advance community development, youth violence prevention, and environment efforts. These projects range from:

  • national, systems-level environment grants to support sustainable solutions combating environmental damage;
  • community development grants to low-income communities that improve the prosperity of both people and place;
  • youth violence prevention and intervention grants aimed at reducing violence and the risk factors that contribute to it;
  • to Next Generation grants focusing on low-income family financial opportunity programs.

In addition to our Special Initiatives grants, the Obesity and Nutrition and International Development Learning Circles continue to research potential giving opportunities and are poised to consider grants in the near future.

The total assets of the Foundation reached approximately $72.9 million by fiscal year-end. The Investment Committee is committed to continually and prudently growing and protecting the assets and has undertaken a six-month long special review of investments, managers, and policies.

We will continue working to honor our founders, Roy and Rachel Hunt, and the principles of giving and family so important to them. I look forward to working alongside the incoming Chair, as we grow as a family and evolve as grantmakers.

We welcome your comments and questions. Call Jenny Kelly, Executive Director, at 412.281.8734 or email our office at info@rahuntfdn.org.

Thank you,
John B. Hunt
FY16 Executive Committee Chair

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