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June 15, 2017 · by Foundation Staff · Letter from the Chair

June 2017

When my grandfather, Roy A. Hunt, established the foundation, it was with a basic mission: to support organizations that work to improve quality of life. Fifty years later, interpreting this remains the responsibility of my fellow trustees and the Roy A. Hunt Foundation staff. As a foundation, we understand the value and connectedness of us all – as a family, as members of the community, and as instruments of change. Martin Luther King stated at his commencement address at Oberlin College, “All people are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.” We believe this sentiment holds true now more than ever and, the Roy A. Hunt Foundation remains committed to this.

In fiscal year 16/17, The Roy A. Hunt Foundation’s grantmaking was strengthened by the work we did across our three focus areas: Environment, Community Development, and Youth Violence Prevention. These focus areas continue to provide us an opportunity to make an impact in targeted, defined partner communities. To date, these initiatives have contributed $11.2million. We are also extremely proud that our International Development Committee made its first grant in this year. This cross-generational committee considers organizations that improve the health and self-development of women and girls in poverty in developing countries. Trustee-sponsored General Grants continue to provide vital support to organizations across the country in areas such as programming, capital, general operating, and scholarships.

Our Trustees studiously manage the resources that have flourished out of our founder’s initial gift to the foundation and we remain committed to searching out prudent, responsible investment options. Our endowment is currently $78.7million, with an increased portion committed to socially responsible investments.

Without our incredible partners, grantees, and colleagues, the work we do wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for ongoing support and interest in the Roy A. Hunt Foundation.

As always, feel free to contact our office at or 412.281.8734 if you have questions.


Helen Hunt Bouscaren
FY17 Executive Committee Chair

July 12, 2016 · by Foundation Staff · Letter from the Chair

Letter from the Executive Committee Chair

July 2016

As my second term as Chair of the Executive Committee has come to a close, and I prepare to turn over the gavel to my very capable successor, Helen Hunt Bouscaren, I would like to reflect on our activities over the past fiscal year (June 2015 to May 2016). It has been an important year because of the fine work of our grantees, and also because the Roy A. Hunt Foundation has reached the 50-year milestone – fifty years of carrying out our founders’ intent. Fifty years of making a difference for people in communities across this country and around the world. Fifty years of grantmaking, awarding $99,912,417 to over 1,500 organizations. And, fifty years of working together as an extended family. We excitedly look forward to the next fifty.

My fellow Trustees and I are honored by the work of our non-profit partners and we pledge to continue to explore partnerships that will make differences in the lives of individuals, build stronger communities, and create a healthier planet. The Trustees of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation approved 382 grants to an array of organizations totaling $3,268,980 during 2015. We are extremely proud that these grants represent the collective decision-making of three generations located in nationally diverse, geographic locations. The majority of our awards remain for general grants invited by the Trustees and/or of historical importance to the family. The grant guidelines for all initiatives and general grants can be found on our website.

Since inception, the Foundation has invested over $4,400,000 in Special Initiative grants to advance community development, youth violence prevention, and environment efforts. These projects range from:

  • national, systems-level environment grants to support sustainable solutions combating environmental damage;
  • community development grants to low-income communities that improve the prosperity of both people and place;
  • youth violence prevention and intervention grants aimed at reducing violence and the risk factors that contribute to it;
  • to Next Generation grants focusing on low-income family financial opportunity programs.

In addition to our Special Initiatives grants, the Obesity and Nutrition and International Development Learning Circles continue to research potential giving opportunities and are poised to consider grants in the near future.

The total assets of the Foundation reached approximately $72.9 million by fiscal year-end. The Investment Committee is committed to continually and prudently growing and protecting the assets and has undertaken a six-month long special review of investments, managers, and policies.

We will continue working to honor our founders, Roy and Rachel Hunt, and the principles of giving and family so important to them. I look forward to working alongside the incoming Chair, as we grow as a family and evolve as grantmakers.

We welcome your comments and questions. Call Jenny Kelly, Executive Director, at 412.281.8734 or email our office at

Thank you,
John B. Hunt
FY16 Executive Committee Chair

· by Foundation Staff · Letter from the Chair

July 2015

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share with you the activities of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation during the 2015 fiscal year (June 2014 to May 2015). The Foundation is approaching its 50th year and as our family of Trustees grows, we continue to pass along the principles of giving and sharing so important to our founders, Roy and Rachel Hunt. Gathering and learning as a family is an important part of our Foundation, and we strive to work together– in all of our diverse geography, ages, and points of view.

Growth and Change

This has been a year of organizational change and gratifying grantmaking. We are pleased to welcome new Trustees Sage and Isaac, bringing our total next generation membership to 19. By 2020, we will number 35 Trustees.

This year we said goodbye to Tony Macklin, our Executive Director since January 2011. He left the Foundation to join his wife, Dr. Alexis Smith Macklin, who took a position as an Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Tony was instrumental in helping the Foundation begin to plan for Trustee growth and future grantmaking strategies.

And we welcomed Jenny Kelly as our new Executive Director in February 2015. Jenny spent fourteen years as a program officer for the DSF Charitable Foundation and has been busy at work getting to know the Hunt family members and grantees. We are excited about the wealth of experience Jenny brings to the Foundation and her interest in family philanthropy.

Grants & Investments

The Foundation started off the new fiscal year with a semi-annual Trustee meeting in Denver, learning about how this growing city handles contemporary problems. Lt. Governor Joe Garcia, the Exec. Dir. of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, the Exec. Dir. of Labor and Employment, and Director of Community Partnerships detailed Denver big picture challenges, best practices, and strategies for change. We met with Gary Community Investments and two of our grantees, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado and Young Americans Center for Financial Education, and learned first-hand the impact foundations and service providers are having in the Denver community.

We awarded a little more than $2.85 million in FY14/15. In addition to our Special Initiatives grants, the majority of our awards remain for general grants invited by the Trustees and/or of historical importance to the family. We are extremely proud of our grantees and the work they do. None of this would be possible without their dedication and drive.

After a grant assessment and review process, the Community Development Committee and Youth Violence Prevention Committee revised their guidelines for grants starting in 2015. The guidelines for all initiatives can be found on our website. The Obesity and Nutrition and International Development Learning Circles continue to research potential giving opportunities and are poised to consider grants in the near future.

The total assets of the Foundation reached approximately $80 million by fiscal year-end. The Investment Committee has spent the better part of a year researching impact investing, has allocated a portion of the endowment for alternative funding, and continues to investigate ways to prudently earn for our future.

I look forward to serving a second term as the Executive Committee Chair. In the upcoming year we will use our Trustee meetings to explore how we can work with grantees to make differences in the lives of individuals and our communities. It promises to be a time of growth and opportunity.

As always, feel free to contact our office at or 412.281.8734 if you have questions.


Thank you,

John B. Hunt

FY15 Executive Committee Chair

December 21, 2012 · by Foundation Staff · Letter from the Chair

December 2012

Thank you.

You’re likely reading this letter because you’re involved with a nonprofit or school. On behalf of our Trustees and staff, I wanted to first express our sincere gratitude for your dedication to your mission. Our family has had the profound honor of reviewing  and funding excellent projects that continue to inspire us years afterward.

Each year we’re blown away by the passion and skills of the nonprofit staff members and volunteers we meet. Some are fresh talents with innovative approaches and infectious energy. Others are seasoned veterans, practiced at solving complex community issues. We love sharing your stories and results with the rest of our family members who serve as Trustees. And, we feel fortunate that the family can often express our appreciation through a grant. Just a few highlights of our grantees’ stories include:

  • Thousands of children gaining higher quality educational experiences in school, after school, and in summer camps
  • Hundreds of teens and young adults learning new skills to reduce their violent and antisocial behaviors and increase their educational attainment and employability
  • Seven organizations taking deep dives into tough environmental challenges, often finding new ways to positively engage businesses and industries in solutions
  • Thousands of families who can’t make ends meet finding shelter, food, and caring support in areas ranging from small-town New England to inner-city Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

We awarded a little more than $3 million in our 2012/13 fiscal year, an increase from the previous two years as our investments grew slowly through the uneven economic recovery.  You can download our full list of grantees here and you can follow our blog and LinkedIn page for future stories about our grantees.

Other highlights from 2012 include:

  • Welcoming two family members – Sophie Hunt Hollingsworth and Elizabeth Hunt – as new Trustees and members of our Next Generation Fund
  • A day-long window into Cleveland’s comeback story, thanks to an excellent tour hosted by Neighborhood Progress, Inc. and a dozen other nonprofits and entrepreneurs
  • Investments in new technology to increase the efficiency of our operations and further lower the cost of doing business with the Foundation
  • Work on a new proxy voting policy to protect our investments and align them with our family’s values

Looking ahead to 2013, our Environment and Youth Violence Prevention committees are taking a fresh look at their grantmaking priorities. We’ll be in touch with some grantees and funding colleagues as we consider our changes, and we’ll welcome your feedback when we make them public in a few months. Outside of our initiatives, the majority of our grants will provide continued operating support or program support to previous grantees. We continue to believe this ongoing support is vital through uncertain economic times. We do welcome your grant inquiries, but know that we’ll invite very few for full proposals.

As always, feel free to contact our office at or 412.281.8734 if you have questions.

With warm regards,

Dr. Terry Hunt
FY13 Executive Committee Chair

July 1, 2011 · by Foundation Staff · Letter from the Chair

Thank you for visiting the web site to learn more about our family foundation. The 2011 fiscal year (ending May 31) marked the foundation’s 50th anniversary of honoring non-profits’ inspiring work with our grants.

Looking back

During the fiscal year, we welcomed two new Trustees to our Next Generation Group, Avery and Edward. Bea Carter, the first non-family member to serve as Executive Director, retired in early 2011 after 11 years of leadership.  Bea helped us develop our governance policies and internal management systems and provided wise counsel as we expanded our Special Initiatives. Her successor, Tony Macklin, brings 20 years of experience in grantmaking, community initiatives, and philanthropic advising.

The family couldn’t have managed the search process and leadership transition without Tod Hunt, Jr. as our Executive Committee Chair. Cousin Tod’s previous role in managing the foundation and knowledge of our family’s history, culture, and grantees made the transition incredibly smooth for the family, our staff, Bea and Tony.

We ended the fiscal year at $74.7 million in assets, right before the markets started to rapidly decline.  We made $2.8 million in grants, the majority of which were invited by our Trustees and the rest made through our Special Initiatives.  You can download the list of grants here.

Looking forward

We started the new fiscal year with our family’s annual summer meeting, held in New Orleans. Two days of site visits helped us learn first-hand about the region’s rebuilding efforts after multiple hurricanes and the 2010 oil spill. We left encouraged by the coordinated and persistent work of local residents, non-profits, and funders. And, we committed ourselves to applying the lessons we learned in our own communities.

The weak U.S. and global economies continue to affect the stability of the non-profits we care about and to depress the growth of our endowment. Unfortunately, we don’t expect our grants budget to grow significantly in the next couple years.

In response, our Trustees are choosing to provide continued operating support to a core set of organizations in the communities in which we live and have built businesses. We know these grants ensure our grantees have the flexible working capital they need to sustain their missions. This means that outside of our Special Initiatives, we’ll be providing few grants to organizations that are new to us. While we always welcome your letters of inquiry, please know that we’ll unfortunately be saying no far more than we say yes.

If you have any questions about our family foundation, please do feel free to contact our office in Pittsburgh at or 412.281.8734.

Dr. Terry Hunt
FY12 Executive Committee Chair

December 1, 2010 · by Foundation Staff · Letter from the Chair

During our 2009-2010 fiscal year, which ended May 31st, the Foundation paid out $2,824,070 in grants compared to $3,190,720 in fiscal year 2008-2009 and $3,809,051 the year before. The ’09-’10 reduction was more of a reflection of our newly-implemented trailing average approach to setting our grants budget compared to the ’08-’09 reduction, which was entirely economy-driven. As a family foundation established to operate in perpetuity, we adopted a trailing average methodology to smooth out precipitous declines in grantmaking capability due to economic downturns as well to ensure payout equity between generations.

The proportions of our allocations for General Grants are generally consistent with past years’ allocations:

FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10






  percent to Human Services






  percent to Arts and Culture






  percent to Education






  percent to Environment





  percent to Public Affairs/Society Benefit





  percent to Health





  percent to International Affairs, Development





  percent to Religion

Accounting for the remaining 21 percent of our fiscal year 2009-2010 allocations are our special initiatives in Community Development, Environment and Youth Violence Prevention, each at 7 percent.

The average market value of the Foundation’s assets for the 2009-2010 fiscal year was about $66.7 million compared to $64.8 million the year before. At $432,738, our administrative expenses were at a ten-year low, reflecting continued efforts to hold down discretionary items such as travel, conferences and computer upgrades. Excluding investment expenses and excise taxes, administrative costs accounted for .66 percent of the net value of our assets. Our payout for the year was at 5 percent.

With the implementation of a three-year trailing average to calculate our grants budget, we think we are on the right road to eliminating any future gut-wrenching allocation declines. But the current fiscal year has brought other challenges. Our Executive Director, Bea Carter, announced her desire to punctuate her 65th birthday by retiring in March of 2011. By then she will have been with us for eleven very productive years, the first five as our Program Officer. Bea created the infrastructure that has allowed us to become a strong family-run foundation. She has been a quiet stabilizing force behind a large family of individualists. She respected the diversity within our family and helped each of us direct our energies to our collective advantage as a foundation. She understood family dynamics and what it means to staff a family foundation. We will surely miss her.

I am pleased to announce that after nearly a six-month search process, we have found an able successor, Tony Macklin. Tony spent twelve years at the Central Indiana Community Foundation, most recently as its Associate Vice President. He opened a philanthropy consulting practice in 2008 when he moved to Pittsburgh with his wife, Alexis, who is director of the library and archives at the Heinz History Center. We are excited about the wealth of experience Tony brings to the Foundation as we continue our family-based philanthropy, and particularly as we bring on more members of our fourth generation of Trustees. Tony will be on board as of January 15, 2011. I hope you will help us welcome him in your future exchanges with the Foundation office.

Torrence M. Hunt, Jr.
Chairman, Executive Committee